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Have you recently moved into a new home but not yet signed a contract for the supply of electricity? In that case, you are being supplied by a default supplier.

What does that mean?

Default supply can only be guaranteed for a period of 6 months

The default supply is more expensive than the provision of electricity by a supplier of your choice (more than 10% more)

Why choose a supplier?

An offer more in line with your needs, depending on the size of your household, your place of residence and your consumption,

A cheaper offer than the default supply which will allow you not only to benefit from an adapted offer but also to avoid increasing penalties due to default costs,

The possibility of choosing a responsible supplier,

Ensure the quality of service from your supplier.

Choose your supplier on and waste no time signing a supply contract in order to benefit from these many advantages.

After signing up with the supplier of your choice, the change will be made automatically free of charge and will not cause your supply to be cut off.

Next steps

If you do not decide on an energy supplier, you will be supplied by default for 6 months.

Apart from the more expensive default tariff, 10€ time default charges will be added from the 3rd month of supply.

Default charges

1st month0€


2nd month0€


3rd month10€


4th month10€


5th month10€


6th month10€


With each bill, you will receive an additional letter telling you at what stage you are.

Sign up quickly, pay less!

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